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2006-04-05 Wurld

As mentioned earlier, I've been playing around with some OpenGL programming. I've started writing an FPS-style program that lets you wander around a map of colored and textured surfaces. I've been calling this project "wurld" for lack of a better name. At this time, the program doesn't do very much - I can wander around the map-world but that's about all. Until I get bored with it and abandon it, the direction that I'm taking it is a towards a networked 3D multi-user domain, suitable for implementing games or just cool environments to interact with. There's lots of things to be done to get it to that point. It needs:

  • all the multi-user network stuff

  • a sound system

  • scriptability

  • physics code

  • much more complete collision detection

  • lots of cool rendering tricks

... and probably a hundred other things that I'm not even thinking about now.

In any case, this is way more work than I can bite off in any reasonable amount of time, so I'm looking for a few good programmers. If you're interested in building yet-another-open-source-3D-gaming-engine just for kicks, give me a holler!

At this point, the code is organized into two components: the "wurld" 3D engine and the spug++ library - general purpose C++ libraries that I started writing years ago and have been contiuously revamping. The "wurld" code is in this mercurial repository. The spug++ library currentl lives in my subversion repository, which I'm not going to make public (but I may switch this project over to mercurial as well) - the current tarball can be found here.

Build and install spug++ with the usual invocations, then build wurld. If everything has worked correctly, you should find yourself in a cheesey FPS-like map.