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Who is Mike Muller?

That would be me. The handsome fellow you see in the picture below.

And this about sums up where I'm at:

Name:              Michael Alan Muller
Height:            5'11"
Weight:            [we'll not discuss that]
Hair color:        brown
Eye color:         blue
Sexual preference: hetero
Marital status:    married, no kids yet
Religion:          Zen practitioner since June 1999
Political Party:   Libertarian
Profession:        software consultant
OS:                Linux

Essay Questions

Favorite programming language

At this time, my favorite programming language is Python. If this seems like a strange choice, I suggest that you try using it for about a week, and see if you don't fall in love with it.

Other previous favorites include C++, and Perl. I now think that both of these languages suck for many of the same reasons. They both have cryptic syntax, are very difficult to learn and teach, and have too many hidden pitfalls.

For elegant compiled languages, nothing beats C.

I will always have a warm place in my heart for LISP. God codes in Lisp (explaining why the universe has taken billions of years to run).

Operating Systems

I use Linux exclusively at home. Why would anybody want to use an operating system that doesn't come with its source code?

I used OS/2 at work during most of the 90's. In recent years I've been doing most of my professional work in UN*X: Linux, Solaris and AIX, specifically. I have thus far managed to avoid doing anything but minimal development on any Microsoft OS's, and hopefully will continue to avoid them.


I used to have really long hair, but since January 96 I have decided to shave my hair down to an eigth of an inch twice a year, thereby minimizing hair-maintenence. I currently have a Van-Dyke style beard and mustache, which (in combination with a close crewcut) makes me look very much like Satan.

Favorite passtimes

Computer programming, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, singing, playing guitar and keyboards, and writing songs. And, of course, Quake.