PyESD - Python Enlightenment Sound Daemon Module

The Enlightenment Sound Daemon (aka EsounD) was written by Eric B. Mitchell based on a prototype by Carsten Haitzler. It provides a sound interface for the Enlightenment window manager, part of the GNOME project. PyESD wraps the EsounD interface using the SWIG program. This version of PyESD is based on version 0.2.8 of EsounD.

In addition to providing a SWIGed wrapper around the standard ESD library, PyESD also provides a small class library to give a more standard object-oriented flavor to the API.

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Change history

1999-08-03 V1.1

Minor enhancements. Added a Recorder class, made hostnames default to the empty string to get around some problems talking to the ESound server. download

1999-07-27 V1.0

Initial release. download

Project Status

I wrote PyESD because I needed a way to manipulate the ESound Daemon from Python programs and was unable to find one. At this time, I regard the project as pretty much complete. I don't anticipate adding anything to it at this time (except possibly a few minor features).

I will gladly implement bug-fixes, and will accept submitted enhancements. If anyone wants to take over the code, please contact me.

The only feature that is conspicuous in its absence is support for notification functions - callbacks that allow a client to be notified of interesting events.

At this time, the code is not reentrant because the error signaling uses a global variable. Exercise caution when working with threads.

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