Module dopy

The DOPY main module. This houses all of the central classes and base classes that comprise the core DOPY system.



init(argv, threadMode)

def init(argv = None, threadMode = _haveThreads and THRD_FUNC or THRD_NONE):

This function allows you to explicitly initialize the DOPY hub. It can be used to pass in options from the command line and set defaults from within your program. It is not necessary to call this, but if you choose to use this, you must do so prior to calling any other DOPY function.

If argv is not None, returns a list of all unknown command line arguments passed in in argv (excluding argv[0], which is the program name). Otherwise returns None.



[list<string> or None] If provided, this should be the value of sys.argv. This parameter allows DOPY to interpret its own command line arguments. Unknown arguments are returned in a list to the caller.


Indicates the threading mode.


def getHub():